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Our demands for the UN Year for the Elimination of Child Labour

Our central aim is to end child labour in countries worldwide by securing a fair share of resources, policies and social protection for the most marginalised children and their communities.

Together, as a broad coalition of survivors, partners and activists, we will be advocating for our demands in as many places as possible.  In major global political meetings, Parliaments, schools, universities and communities across the world we will bring child labour into every forum and a survivor on every platform.

We are committed to ensuring that 2021 does not see the rise of child labour for the first time in two decades. We are calling on global, national and local decision-makers to mark this important year not by talking about this injustice, but delivering change to end it.




Realise the rights of the most marginalised children and survivors through fair share budgeting to get children out of child labour and into school, including essential public services at local and national levels to end exploitation within the most marginalised communities. Internationally, richer countries must commit their fair share of ODA and debt relief to address the most marginalised children.



Child labourers must receive their share of public policy, justice, and protection under the law through the implementation and enforcement of existing policy and laws and the creation of national and regional policy and legislation to close gaps against child labour.



Child labour will not end without child labourers and their families receiving their fair share of social protection. The safety net and welfare systems that are available for many children must be extended to the most marginalised children who need it the most.

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